PurePlay Golf

Do you just want a better swing or a better game?

The 7 PurePlayGolf Principles

Learn how these principles can add to better play.

Why do you play golf?

Whether you’re a social player or engage in various levels of competition, you seek improvement.  How do you go about it?

  • Does perfecting your swing guarantee a better score?
  • Are you a player of the game or a swinger of the club?
  • Do you wish your game experience was more consistent, produced lower scores and was more fun?

You can make that happen with PurePlayGolf.  I’ll show you how with 7 Proven Principles. It doesn’t matter how old you are, what your ability level is, or what you’ve been taught in the past. PurePlayGolf complements your current level of play by focusing primarily on the playing process.

To see if you’re ready for PurePlayGolf, contact me.

When the PGA was established in 1916, one of the Association’s goals was to teach the game.  In my view we have moved away from that directive and now many professionals teach only the swing rather than the experience.  PurePlayGolf focuses on ALL elements of the game. The past few years have allowed me to look deeper into the teaching of golf.  With technological advancement, the science of equipment and physical training pushing the professional game to limits never seen before, I wondered if perhaps the game most of us play is losing some of its appeal.  My other concern is instructors introducing teaching methods that take the fun out of playing.  I think you would agree walking to the first tee with swing positions, launch angles and ball fitting specs rattling around in the mind doesn’t present a picture of enjoyment.

These are a few of the reasons I developed PurePlayGolf:

  • If your only measure of your golf experience is a score, you need PurePlayGolf.
  • Are you looking to improve your swing or improve your game?  PurePlayGolf strengthens your total game.
  • If you’re ready to add to your swing training in order to heighten your play, PurePlayGolf will take you there.
  • If many of your instructional pursuits have not resulted in overall play improvement, PurePlayGolf is your new resource.

Let me help you better leverage your time by getting you on the course and off the practice tee.  Come and explore the site.  PurePlayGolf — Golf Enhancement, Game Improvement.

Mark Hagenbach
PGA Life Member
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