One of the perils of living in Green Bay is not knowing when the golf season will come to an end. I have recorded rounds in each month, even January, since I came to the “Tundra”. Last season was the first time I did not swing a club in November. Caught up with yard work I rationalized there would be another day. I should have known better.

As this year’s calendar page flipped from Halloween to November I knew there would be a few more bonus days to do some outside swingin’. The start of the month brought damp, unseasonable cold temps but I knew a glorious day would arrive for one last round. The weather forecasters painted a bleak picture last Thursday. The prospect of a visit from the “Polar Vortex” loomed Monday and it looked as if the curtain was coming down quickly. With temperatures in the mid 40’s, Friday golf was my only option. Three buddies and I bundled up, grabbed our tricycles and wheeled around the county course on a grey, windless afternoon. It may have been the most enjoyable round I played all year. Final rounds often are.

Every principle of PurePlayGolf availed itself during the round. There were a few rules situations (RulesPlay) affecting play. FitPlay was evident as I subbed a new 50* wedge while another buddy wanted to hit a few of my Mizuno irons since he had ordered the same clubs. PracticePlay entered the equation as I employed a new chipping stroke. Naturally the day was about CoursePlay as the focus centered on a highly competitive Four-Ball match. MindPlay ebbed and flowed throughout the round as all of us dealt with the cold, the speed of the greens, good and bad shots plus the thought sitting in the back of our minds that this might be the last round of 2014. Yet the best aspect of the day, ComradePlay, stole the show. The four of us absolutely enjoyed the round from the first tee to our 19th hole bar stool. This is what PurePlayGolf is about – enhancing the experience.

Looking back on this year I PurePlay’ed my way around Wisconsin and Illinois with good friends at some great venues. I remember a few of the shots I hit, none of them from the practice tee. I recall some of the entertaining stories told by my playing partners. There were times my game fell into the zone (MindPlay) for a few holes but keeping it there is a task I realize is becoming tougher with age. A few of the scores are faint recollections. The most memorable occasions involved playing with friends who share an appreciation of the game and enhance the experience. Taking a break from life among fairways and greens is never a bad thing. That is why I play the game. It enhances my life. It is the catalyst for developing friendships. It teaches me that golf, like life, isn’t always fair but in most cases you will always have a shot. I will continue to play this wonderful game until I am unable.

I hope your PurePlay season was one filled with memorable occasions as well as those special moments where there is no greater enjoyment than the feel of a well-struck shot finding its target. I hope the frustration that comes from labored instruction falls away to reveal a simpler solution to improvement. If your scores were not in the range you desired, did you appreciate the venues played and the companionship of your playing partners? Were you able to take more out of the game than just a number?

Take a look at the many ways PurePlayGolf can heighten your playing experience. Whether it’s a round at the local muny or a golf trip with close friends, be open to creating unique memories. When this is the case the emphasis on the numbers is only part of the equation. PurePlayGolf’s scorecard is bigger. It’s more than just numbers. The boxes are large enough to paint pictures and transcribe stories. It captures the total experience for the players who put one in their pocket. It enhances their game.

If you’re looking for ways to improve in 2015 look no further.  PurePLayGolf will make a difference. Take the time this off season to discover the possibilities.